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Chapter 2 of Armchairs- Knows
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Word count: Chapters of less than 500 words, ongoing.

It’s a Saturday morning. Sherlock has encroached upon the Shelf of Sustenance with his experiments, so John's going between the kitchen and the living room, emptying the fridge onto his half of the desk so he can fit his cider in. [the desk has defined halves. Though technically Sherlock's, John started using it the week he moved in, after noticing Sherlock didn't use it. Then Sherlock put a fish tank on his half, used it as a ruler, and marked his territory with a compass. The tank has moved, the boundaries have not] Sherlock's just watching over the top of a newspaper like a spy. And John knows he's watching, so he's mixing all of Sherlock's dismembered bits of face together so Sherlock will eventually get up and help, or at least not keep the ears there. But Sherlock knows John knows he's watching, and is letting him mix it up, so he wins. He doesn't currently realise John knows that as well, but that his mixing will eventually inconvenience Sherlock, and then, later, he wins. John always plays the longer game.
John’s half of the desk is wrapped in cling-film in order to keep the icy blood residue from staining the table. He thinks that this, with some Dettol later, is best way to keep the job hygienic. Sherlock is going to use the bread faster than usual so that John will go out and he can clean it again with a chemical mixture he devised himself, so that John doesn’t get ill. But before that, John will Dettol the desk to within an inch of its life because he disapproves of the mixture. Though better than other cleaning agents either of them have used, it chaps Sherlock’s hands.

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