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 I'm Monty, and I've probably lurked on every single Sherlock page in existence. But today it's snowing, and I want cigarettes, but it's snowing, so I'm stopping the lurking to make a page. 

In the Youtube part of the world I've made a few videos under the name doctorcropcircles, because everyone prefers their own music taste, see hereherehere: The Stars of Track And Field , I Know You're Onto Something, God I Love You, But You Trouble Me, Starlings, Rules and Regulations
I have in my youth done a bit of writing for the original Holmes Canon, and if you're morbidly curious you can see here, back on Fanfiction.Net, which is the fansite equivalent of posting a link to your Myspace on Facebook: Monty Twain's Fanfiction.Net Profile . I'd post a link to my livejournal if I'd done anything of merit the entire time I've had it, but I never really made the leap.
Nowadays, I'm a grumpy troper [which I have absolutely no proof of], spending most of my time trying to convince people I know how Sherlock survived the fall I just can't be bothered to tell anyone, and correcting other people's inconsistencies, which is a bit like just writing "I'm a massive shit" on my face, but there we go. In my next post I will construct a hopefully comprehensive recommendations list. My taste in ff is almost always sweet apart from the times it is ridiculously dodgy.

The main reason I've even made a page and started inflicting my opinions on the world is because I want to do podfic, because almost everyone from any fandom is usually American and it seems a waste to go through all that time Britpicking and then have somebody read it in a fake-sounding generic British accent [that sounds snobbish and I really don't mean it to be] or even a straight-up honest American one, which would be fine if it didn't clash weirdly with the content.

If you were to respond to this bizarre business advertisement, I'd be free to spend time on it most Tuesdays- that's when my room-mate is away. I'm prepared to read slash, but not PWP [why anyone wants to listen to somebody else read straight porn escapes me], and I'm a John/Sherlock sort rather than anything which writes Mark Gatiss as sexy, which makes me distinctly uncomfortable. That said, each to their own and everyone has a right to their favourite flavour of fictitious sex.

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